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Flashlights are like opinions...

Most folks have one – but few of them work like they’re supposed to.

Whether you’re in a blackout, going camping or headed to the basement… you need a flashlight you can rely on.

So that you’re not left fumbling around in the dark.

Because in a crisis, there are few things more important than being able to see clearly. And if that same tool can help protect you in other ways… that’s even better!

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the most-advanced NEW survival tool to hit the market…

The Multi-Use Flashlight 9 Functions With a Single Mission: Keeping You Safe

If MacGyver made a flashlight, it’d be this one.

It’s a great value and has a surprising collection of features hidden inside its frame.

You get 9 functions in 1 flashlight:

      • Ultra-bright LED flashlight
      • Solar panel
      • Power bank
      • SOS light and strobe
      • Work light
      • Seatbelt / rope splitter
      • Glass-breaking hammer
      • Compass
      • Magnet

Plus, it weighs less than 1 lb. and is water resistant. So it can go pretty much anywhere with you.

And since the Flashlight doesn’t ever need batteries…

You’ll Have Light – Even if the World Goes Dark

The flashlight is rechargeable – you can drain it down and charge it up about a thousand times. But you don’t need electricity or batteries to power it up.

Every flashlight has a 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle. Meaning that you’ll have power as long as you have sun.

You can “fast charge” using the included micro USB if you have electricity. And use the FREE power of the sun if you don’t.

Either way, the battery inside the flashlight is ultra-powerful (2000 mAh) and ultra-safe.*

And beyond being an incredible flashlight…

Use Your flashlight Flashlight to Power Other Devices

Keep these handy flashlights in cars, at home, at the cabin, or in your RV. Anywhere you might need light OR backup power.

Then use the power inside the flashlight to power your other critical devices in a pinch.

Anything that charges via USB will work perfectly with your flashlight.

Just use the cord that came with that item originally – it will fit!

Not Your Ordinary Flashlight!

Your flashlight works as backup power for:

      • Phones
      • Radios
      • LED lights
      • Personal fans
      • Tablets
      • GPS devices
      • Music players / speakers
      • And much more!

Look how easy it is to power your phone, for example…

Unscrew the Cap
Reveal the USB charging port

Use Your Own Cord
You don't need to buy a special charging cable

Stay Connected
Use the "charge" to call family and first responders